Campus Housing Standards

Residents (and guests) are required to abide by all applicable policies, laws and ordinances. Students may be subject to the Drury University Student Conduct Process for breaking policies or allowing their guests to break policies.

  • ALCOHOL: Any illegal use, possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited as listed in the Drury Alcohol Policy.
  • BIKE STORAGE: Because of the fire safety hazard, Security will remove bikes (or any other items) parked in the fire lanes, hallways or lobby area. Bikes must be stored in bike racks.
  • BUSINESS OPERATION: University rooms and public areas are not to be used as a location for the operation of any business or enterprise or the sale of any services or products. Residents may not use university housing facilities for a commercial purpose or solicit within the buildings. Refer to the Drury Commercial Activity Policy.
  • COMMON AREA DEBRIS: To prevent accidents, residents are responsible for keeping all public common areas (including hallways in those buildings that are shared by two or more rooms, stairways and porches) free of debris and items such as furniture, boxes, trash bags, cans, cigarette butts, old newspapers and so forth.
  • DRUGS: Any illegal use, possession or trafficking of drugs or paraphernalia is prohibited as listed in the Drury Drug Policy.
  • GAMBLING & WEAPONS: Gambling and weapons are not permitted on campus.
  • MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Motorized vehicles of any type (including motorized bikes or scooters) are prohibited within the interior of any apartment or house, cannot be driven or parked on lawns, sidewalks or other non-parking areas.
  • NOISE: Noise must at all times be maintained at levels where it does not infringe on the study and/or sleep of others, referred to as courtesy hours. Campus housing has mandatory quiet hours from p.m. until a.m. Approved, registered events may receive an exemption until 1:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights; however, any noise complaints could still result in event shut down. Refer to the Personal Rights Policy for sanctions for noise violations and the Social Event Policy for procedures regarding registered events.
  • OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: Rollerblading, biking, skateboarding and scooters are prohibited inside any buildings.
  • OUTSIDE GAMES: Swimming pools and outside games that include poles, stakes, rods, water or paint are prohibited.
  • OUTSIDE STORAGE: Items may not be placed outside of a unit with the exception of lawn chairs and bicycles. Lawn furniture must be stored during winter months.
  • PETS: A “pet” is defined as an animal kept for companionship. Service animals and emotional support animals are not considered pets. Pets (except fish) are not permitted in campus housing, and caring for an “outside” pet or stray animal is prohibited. Fish tanks must not exceed 10 gallons. A minimum $150 fine will automatically be charged to the resident’s account for allowing animals into a residence or feeding/watering an outside animal. Additional charges may be assessed for damage caused by animals or cleaning to remove pet dander, odor and/or stains. Should an animal need to be rehomed at a shelter/rescue, the student will also be charged for the shelter’s drop-off fee. (See ANIMALS ON CAMPUS policy)
  • ROOF: Climbing onto roofs is prohibited.
  • SMOKING/VAPING: Tobacco & nicotine use is not permitted on campus (see Tobacco-Free Policy). Cigarette debris on the grounds is subject to fines.

Items Allowed in Campus Housing

Coffeemakers, computers, lava lamps, plug-in air fresheners, portable television sets, radios/stereos, razors, toasters. All appliances should be UL approved. One additional mini-fridge no more than 4.3 cubic feet may be brought into each Sunderland and Wallace room.

Items Prohibited in All Campus Housing

Candles (with wicks), incense, halogen lamps, flammable liquids (including paint thinner, solvents, gasoline, lighter fluid and lamp oil), fireworks, gas grills, satellite dishes, water beds, and space heaters and appliances with open coils are prohibited in all campus housing.

Items Prohibited in Residence Halls and Fraternity Houses

Crock-pots, electric griddles, George Foreman grills, hot plates/pots, full-sized refrigerators microwaves (other than provided), or toaster ovens.

Items Allowed in Apartment-Style Housing

Additional mini-fridges no more than 4.3 cubic feet (1 per bedroom), crock pots, electric griddles, George Foreman grills, hot pots/plates, sandwich makers, toaster ovens, charcoal grills (grills may not be stored indoors, and should not be used in breezeways, balconies, under staircases or close to buildings).

Furnishing & Decorations

  • Tacks, nails and tape will damage walls, paint and woodwork. Suspend items using 3M Command adhesive removable products or use university-provided bulletin boards. Residents accept responsibility for any damage done to walls and/or ceilings as a result of hanging or mounting and will be charged for any damage including, but not limited to, holes, peeled paint or cracked drywall.
  • Residents are prohibited from using wallpaper, contact paper, stickers, self-sticking shelf paper or paint on ceilings, walls, doors, cupboards or other surfaces in or around units.
  • Bracket-mounted curtain rods are prohibited.
  • Per the Alcohol Policy, keeping empty alcohol containers for any reason, including those used for decoration is prohibited.
  • All furnishings (shelving, storage units) provided by the resident inside the unit must be free standing. They may not be connected to, attached, resting on or touching any walls, ceilings, shelves, counters or university furniture.
  • University furniture should remain intact and mirrors, bulletin boards, should remain attached to walls.
  • All university furniture—including beds/mattresses—must remain in the assigned unit.
  • Lofts, additional couches, water beds and full-size refrigerators are prohibited in all Drury University residences.
  • Signs/banners may not be affixed to building exteriors.
  • Satellite dishes, exterior lighting or placement of cables on the exterior of campus housing is prohibited.

Holiday Decorations

  • All doorways and corridors must remain clear of decorations (must not obstruct emergency egress)
  • No lights run on the floors.
  • If light strings run across a hallway, they must be at least 7’ high.
  • No more than 3 strings of lights on 1 continuous string.
  • Only use power strips with a built-in surge protector.
  • Strings of lights may not be attached to exit lights, emergency lights, or fire pull stations.
  • Only artificial trees can be used.
  • In residence halls and fraternity houses, lights and decorations must be disconnected and taken down by the end of Finals Week.
  • In houses and apartment-style housing, lights and decorations must be disconnected and taken down before the students leave for Winter Break.
  • Stringed lights and decorations should be Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved and should be affixed in a way that does not damage the walls, ceiling, windows or the lights’ wiring.
  • Christmas lights may be affixed to campus housing exteriors, as long as the aforementioned rules are followed.