Campus Housing Safety

Campus Housing Insurance

Drury carries insurance on the buildings only and assumes no responsibility for a resident’s personal belongings. Drury accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles. Residents are encouraged to insure their personal belongings by purchasing renter’s insurance. Rooms should be kept locked when unoccupied. Front doors should be kept shut and locked at all times.

Campus Housing Health and Safety Checks

To help ensure the health and safety of all residential students, the Residence Life staff will conduct periodic room checks for potential hazards or violations of university Policy. Examples include:

  • Dangerous electrical configurations or other fire hazards
  • Nonfunctioning smoke detectors
  • Burned candles and incense
  • Excessive trash or food waste buildup
  • Unauthorized furniture or appliances
  • Drug and alcohol violations, including hard liquor

Room checks are scheduled a minimum of twice per semester, usually around academic breaks. Notice will be posted in advance either by flyer or via email. Students need not be present during their room check, but are welcome to be if they wish. Students will have the opportunity to correct potential health and safety hazards. Failure to correct potential problems may result in a fine or other sanction. Policy violations will be processed through the university’s judicial process.

Safety Equipment

Residential students are encouraged to become familiar with the locations of fire extinguishers. Most are located in hall closets or next to an air conditioning unit.

Do not remove batteries from smoke detectors. Batteries only provide a backup if the power should fail. If your detector starts to chirp, notify Facilities Services at or 417-873-7219 or through MyDrury by clicking “Facilities Work Order Request” from the left-hand menu.

Tampering with fire alarm systems, alarm pull stations, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and safety equipment is prohibited and will result in a fine or further disciplinary action. Please see the Property Rights section for a list of specific sanctions. All students are expected to evacuate facilities during emergency alarms and comply with the requests of university personnel. Students will be fined for noncompliance and may be evicted from campus housing for interfering with safety and security procedures.

If a fire occurs, call the Safety & Security Office immediately at 417-873-7911.
Report any damages immediately to Facilities Services at 417-873-7219.

Community Room Use Standards

Common areas should be treated as if you lived there. All trash should be removed and the area cleaned after use. Certain common areas have amenities (televisions, furniture, etc.) that are available for resident use on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents are financially responsible for any damages that they or any of their guests cause in the common areas.

Cleanliness, Trash Removal, Recycling

Trash and recycling service is provided for all residents of university housing, but residents are responsible for taking their own trash/recyclables to appropriate bins. Trash must be placed in a plastic bag, tied and placed inside the designated trash bin. Recyclables may be co-mingled in many of our green receptacles. For a list of recyclables that can be co-mingled visit Residents are responsible for the routine care and cleanliness of their suite/apartment and outside landings and porches to prevent health and infestation risks. Trash must not be disposed of in toilets and bathroom sinks. Additional trashcans are not allowed outside apartments, in hallways or on decks or patios. Trash found outside a residence, on patios, in entryways or on porches or decks is prohibited, and fines will be assessed for all trash (bagged or loose) found. Apartment-style residents are responsible for keeping the stovetop and oven free of grease accumulation to prevent fires. Trash bins can be found at the following locations:

  • North side of College Park cottages and studios on Lynn St.
  • West side of College Park Phase Three in parking lot
  • Fraternity house parking lots
  • Jefferson Park and Jefferson Park West parking lots
  • Summit Park parking lot
  • Sunderland/Wallace Hall parking lot
  • Behind the Findlay Student Center (south of Smith Hall)
  • East side of University Suites
  • Parking lot behind 517 E. Calhoun

Midtown house residents on Robberson, Jefferson & Calhoun (except 517 Calhoun) have trash service that comes weekly. These residents are responsible for seeing that the university-provided trash carts are taken to the street the night before trash pick-up. The following locations have GREEN co-mingled recycling Dumpsters.

  • College Park: The fire lane to the north of the studios
  • Jefferson Park: Jefferson Park parking lot
  • Manley Hall: Jefferson Park parking lot
  • Summit Park: Summit Park parking lot
  • Midtown houses: Use any of the green recycling Dumpsters on campus, or visit the Recycling Center at the intersection of
  • Central & Summit Streets.
  • Fraternity houses: Parking Lot D.
  • University Suites: Behind the Rose O'Neil house on the northeast side of the complex.