Campus Housing Check-in & Check-out

Check-in Procedures

Each resident checking into a residence must complete and sign his/her own Room Inventory and Condition form (RIC) and submit it to his/her Residence Life Director immediately upon move-in or by the date specified. A signature indicates that the resident has assessed and acknowledged the condition of all areas of the residence at check-in. It will be assumed that any damage not reported at move-in occurred during the student’s stay in the residence. Residents will be held individually responsible for any damage done to their rooms and may be held collectively responsible for any other damage occurring to individual rooms or campus housing facilities. Public area damages will be assessed as needed and charged to appropriate accounts.

Residential Keys

  • At the beginning of the fall semester on the designated move-in date, new residence hall students pick up their residential keys in their hall lobby. Apartment-style residents and fraternity house residents pick up their keys in the Office of Safety and Security in the lower level of the Findlay Student Center. Parking permits for all students are also available in the Office of Safety and Security.
  • Early move-ins, people changing rooms, and people moving in for the spring semester may pick up their keys at the Office of Safety and Security in the lower level of Findlay Student Center. Parking permits for all students are also available in the Office of Safety and Security. 
  • Each resident must sign for their own keys. Keys will not be issued to anyone other than the resident. All keys are the resident’s responsibility and should stay in the resident’s possession at all times. The assigned front door key and bedroom key are number coded. They must stay together.
  • If a resident loses a residential key or the residential key is stolen, it must be reported immediately so that security personnel can replace locks and make new keys as necessary. Procedure for reporting lost/stolen keys are as follows: 1) Report which assigned keys were lost/stolen to the Safety and Security Office in the lower level of the Findlay Student Center. 2) Pay the minimum $50 lost key charge at the Business Office on the 1st floor of Burnham Hall. 3) Bring the lost key payment receipt to the Safety and Security Office in the lower level of Findlay Student Center.
  • Lost/stolen residential key charges will be reviewed by the Safety and Security Office with any access charges beyond the minimum $50 being billed to the student’s account. Charges will be reviewed based on current market value. As of June 1, 2016, the current market value charges are as follows: $30 material cost per core, $5 material cost per key, and $10 labor cost per core. Lost/stolen residential mailbox key charges are a $25 flat rate.
  • Residential keys not turned in by the move-out date will constitute a minimum $200 fine to the student’s account. Mailbox keys not turned in by the move-out date will constitute a $25 fine to the student’s account. To avoid the fines, report lost keys early.
  • Rooms and apartments should be kept locked when not occupied. The university accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles. Renter’s insurance is recommended.
  • Exchanging keys or room assignments without approval of the Housing Office is prohibited and will result in $250 fine assessed to the student’s account.

Check-Out Procedures

Prior to moving out, all students need to set an appointment time to check out of their residence. Residence hall students and fraternity men contact their Resident Director and all other apartment-style residents contact the Area Director. Students may choose between an express check-out and a traditional check-out. Check-outs must occur within 24 hours of a student’s last Final Exam or by the given deadline, whichever is earlier.

A traditional check-out means the resident gets a personal walk-through with a Residence Life staff person. Staff will point out if additional cleaning is needed. This gives students the opportunity to clean anything that was missed to avoid cleaning charges. The resident has a chance to review the Room Inventory & Condition (RIC) form and share any information about damages with the staff. Students will get a reminder about where to take keys to get a receipt. Traditional check-out may be a good choice for those with roommates who may leave a mess, or for those who want to retain the right to appeal any cleaning/damage charges.

An express check-out means the resident skips the appointment with Residence Life. The resident should clean his/her space thoroughly, and drop off keys at FSC 104 (the Associate Security Director’s office) and sign a waiver. A student who chooses express check-out forgoes the right to appeal cleaning/damage charges and will not get a receipt for submitting keys. Vacating residents are expected to leave the unit clean and ready for new residents. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Removing all trash
  • Replacing all burned-out light bulbs
  • Vacuuming and dusting all rooms
  • Properly cleaning the entire kitchen and bathroom areas (toilets, showers, sink areas, refrigerators, microwaves, stove tops and ovens, all kitchen appliances, etc.) In the residence halls and fraternities, mini-fridges must be defrosted and cleaned thoroughly
  • Mopping floors
  • Wiping down walls
  • Cleaning any outdoor patio areas or balconies
  • Any cleaning that custodians must perform prior to deep cleaning will result in charges to residents’ account.
  • Make sure all pieces of furniture are in your room and assembled. Beds should be de-bunked and the mattress should be at the middle height setting.
  • At your traditional check-out time, Residence Life staff will complete a Room Inventory and Condition form (RIC) in order to sign each resident out at the end of his/her residency. Residents are required to be on-time and present at the time of their traditional checkout. Students who do not follow proper checkout procedure will have a $100 charge posted to their account.
  • Directly following checkout, residents are required to return keys to the Office of Safety and Security. Failure to return room keys will result in a $200 replacement charge, and failure to return mailbox keys will result in a $25 replacement charge.
  • After checkout or the termination of the housing contract, any items left in the residence will be thrown away. Charges will be assessed and posted to the student’s account based on the cost of disposal (landfill fees, etc.) and the number of hours spent by university personnel.
  • If you have any questions during the checkout process, contact your Resident Director (residence halls & fraternities) or the Area Director (other housing).