Campus Housing Break Policy

Break periods include the following times when class is not in session:

  • Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break

Break Period Procedures

All residence halls and fraternity houses are considered communal living areas and are closed for breaks with limited staffing. Housing contracts for these residences do not include residency for any of the break periods.

The aforementioned break periods are included in the contract price to live in the apartment-style housing options (College Park, Manley, Midtown, Jefferson Park, Summit Park, and University Suites); however, winter break is NOT available to fall-only or spring-only residents.

The commons cafeteria and Campus Exchange are closed for most break periods, therefore no dining facilities are usually available on campus. The Cox Hospital cafeteria is open to the public and within walking distance to campus. Furthermore, many departments on campus close down for part or some of the break periods – be sure to check ahead of time for hours of operation.

Requests to Stay in Campus Housing for Breaks - Residence Halls & Fraternity Houses

Students who desire to stay in their residence hall or fraternity house over a break period (except summer break), must submit a Housing Break Access Request form to the Housing Office by the specified date and time for each break (usually by p.m. the Friday before a break) and be authorized by their Resident Director or Fraternity House Director. There is an additional per-night charge for residents who stay over any break period. Students will receive email notification if they are approved to stay for breaks.

For students who are required to stay in their residence for a Drury-related function, their coach, supervisor, or advisor may request the fee to be waived. This includes athletic teams that are actively practicing and/or participating, on-campus job requirements, or other faculty/staff-approved organizations. The staff or faculty advisor is responsible for submitting a request form and roster to the Housing Office by the specified date and time for each break and be authorized by their Resident Director or Fraternity House Director. Students will receive email notification if they are approved to stay for free. If students do not receive approval to stay, but do anyway, they will be charged a per-night fee. Holding an off-campus job does not qualify the student to receive the fee waiver.

Authorization & Supervision

All requests for housing over breaks are subject to final approval by the Residence Life and Housing Offices. Requests may be denied for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Previous policy violations
  • Outstanding fees or sanctions
  • Limited staff availability
  • Each residence hall (and the fraternity quad) will have an on-call Residence Life staff member to address any issues that may arise and to make sure all residents are properly registered.


The guest policy will be identical to the policy during the normal academic year. Guests are allowed during normal open hours and overnight guests are allowed if they are registered with the on-call staff member in advance.

Late Departure or Early Arrival

Fall-only/Spring-only semester students in any housing type will be charged a nightly fee if they arrive early or depart after their contracted single semester timeframe. For example: A student who is leaving Drury in December and asks to stay past the checkout deadline would pay the fee for each night following move-out. This fee applies to all campus housing.

Students who are required by Drury to return to campus earlier than the official fall semester move-in date will not be charged the nightly fee from the date of pre-approval. Included in this group are fall season athletic teams, O-Leaders, Residence Life staff, and pre-approved Greek Life members requiring early move-in. The pre-approval lists must be submitted by coaches/advisors to the Housing Office by April 15th to ensure summer residents are not assigned in units for early arrival residents. Spring season athletic teams are not eligible to move in prior to the advertised August move-in dates. Due to the high volume of early-arrival requests in the week prior to fall move-In, the university will not approve any individual requests to move in early, even if the student is willing to pay the fee.