Bicycle Regulations


Bicyclists must adhere to all traffic control devices while operated on public streets and campus roadways. All bicyclists are recommended to wear a helmet and have a full set of reflectors on the bike. Bicyclists on campus must use designated bike paths or public streets and roads (including Drury Lane), and stay off of pedestrian sidewalks. Bicyclists shall yield to pedestrians at all times and maintain a reasonable distance from vehicles, buildings and people.

Parking Areas

All bikes must be parked in bike racks or areas designated specifically for bicycles to avoid interfering with vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic and snow removal efforts. Bicycles must not be chained to handicap ramps, light poles, handrails, bus shelters, public seating fixtures, fences, trash receptacles, trees or parked in spaces provided for motor vehicles. The College is not responsible for stolen bicycles or bicycles damaged due to vandalism or grounds maintenance efforts. Bicycles may only be brought into your residence hall room or placed in storage as per residence life storage policies. Students should check with their Residence Director (RD) about acceptable storage locations inside buildings.

Theft Prevention

Bike theft is a problem on all college campuses. Registration of your bicycle will help in the recovery of your bike if it is stolen. Additional steps you can take to protect your investment include:

  • always locking your bike to a bike rack when not in use
  • using a “U” lock to secure it to the rack
  • using a cable lock in addition to a U lock if your bike has quick release wheels
  • taking your bike seat to your room when not in use

If you believe your bicycle has been stolen or impounded, contact Drury Security at 873-7400.

Impounding and Recovering Bicycles

  1. Drury Security is authorized by University policy to impound a bicycle if the bicycle:
    • is parked in a manner that creates a safety hazard
    • is damaging University property
    • is secured to any item other than a designated bike rack
    • has been reported stolen to any law enforcement agency or hampers the access to or use of any college facility
  2. If a locking device must be removed to impound a bicycle, Drury Security may remove the securing device using whatever reasonable means are necessary. The University is not responsible for any damage to the locking device or for its replacement.
  3. Bicycles left undisturbed in racks for nine months or at the end of the academic year may be treated as abandoned. Drury Security will attempt to notify the owner prior to impounding.
  4. Owners may claim impounded bicycles by calling Drury Security at 873-7400. You will be expected to provide your name, your student/employee ID number, a description of the bicycle and the date you noticed it missing. Any bicycle not claimed within 60 days will become property of the University and subject to sale at an annual bicycle sale or disposed of at the discretion of Drury Security.