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Room Change Process

Room changes are permitted for students if and when roommates are having adjustment problems and for other special circumstances. Prior to a room change being approved, students are expected to have made a good faith effort toward resolving the roommate situation through the outlined Roommate Mediation Process.

Once a student has completed the mediation process, upon recommendation from the RA, CA or RD, the Residence Life/Housing Office may decide to process a room change. The Housing Office may consult the chapter president prior to processing fraternity requests. Four basic criteria must be met for a change to occur:

  1. Student(s) involved have completed the Roommate Mediation Process.
  2. Vacant space is available.
  3. Students affected have consented to the change.
  4. The Residence Life/Housing Office has approved the change.

If your attempt to reconcile your differences is not successful, then you should follow the steps detailed below to complete the room change process:

  • Ask your RA, CA, or RD for a Room Change Request form, or print one from
  • Contact potential roommate(s) to find out whether you might be a good match. Once you have found an acceptable roommate(s), complete the room change request form:
    1. Collect signatures of all affected parties and submit the completed Room Change Request form to your Resident Director/Coordinator.
    2. Check your Drury email account for your new housing assignment and date by which to move.
    3. Check out of your "old" room. Contact your Resident Director/Coordinator director to set up a check-out appointment.
    4. Check in to your "new" room. Contact an RA/CA in your new location to complete this process.