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Greek Life Safe Living Guidelines

The responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for chapter members is the ultimate goal of a fraternity or sorority.  Preventing risk within Greek chapters can be accomplished through education.  Greek organizations should ensure that everyone involved in the organization has a positive experience by following basic safe living guidelines.

Each chapter shall annually instruct its members and alumni in the Safe Living standards of Drury University and the Risk Management Policies of FIPG.

FIPG Guidelines
Drury University requires that Greek organizations adhere to FIPG guidelines for all house/suite-related activities.

Chapter Safe-Living Educational Program Requirements
The programs below are part of the chapter’s recommended educational programming. These programs should be conducted annually for all chapter members, as early in the academic year as possible:

  • Insurance/Risk Management Review: Review the chapter’s general risk management policies; chapter leaders should evaluate chapter events in relation to risk management policy.  Review chapter’s insurance policy including coverage, limitations, exclusions, cost and named insured.
  • Criminal Liability: Review criminal liability associated with chapter and potentially risky situations involving the chapter and its members.  Review how an officer would be criminally liable for the actions of chapter.
  • Alcohol Safety: Review alcoholism symptoms and effects, review alcohol safety resources, discuss how to identify and deal with a member who has an alcohol abuse problem, and examine how alcohol abuse can affect future life and career.
  • Drug Prevention: Review drug addiction symptoms and effects, review drug prevention resources, discuss how to identify and deal with a member who has a drug abuse problem, and examine how drug abuse can affect future life and career.
  • Fire Safety: Review facility fire prevention procedures, complete a fire drill for all members each semester, post and discuss facility evacuation routes, and demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Sexual Abuse & Harassment Prevention: Review chapter attitude toward sexism, review abuse prevention and basic safety information, assess chapter events to ensure they don’t promote sexist attitudes.
  • Hazing: Review chapter attitude toward power, review hazing prevention and basic chapter standards, assess chapter traditions to ensure they don’t promote hazing, review the educational environment for new members.
  • Academic Honesty: Review university standards for academic integrity; review academic support systems in the chapter and academic resources provided by the university.
  • Facilitating Change in Organizations: Review chapter standards for generating and submitting new ideas and encourage creative thinking and action for all members.

Crisis & Emergency Management
Chapter leaders are required to oversee the safety, education and training for all chapter-related projects and activities.  Chapter Leadership is expected to complete these regular tasks to enhance the Drury Greek Life experience for all members and guests associated with the chapter:

  • Establish, discuss and post a crisis management plan to be used by the chapter in an emergency situation
  • Designate an officer-in-charge list to ensure that a chapter member is always designated as being responsible for the chapter activity
  • Hold members accountable that do not follow chapter safety standards and guidelines

Safe-Living Educational Programs
In support of these guidelines, the Student Activities Office shall conduct periodic orientation and educational programs on Drury University Greek Life safe-living standards to ensure an environment that promotes safe living.