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Greek Life Recruitment Guidelines

  • All Drury University Policies, Applicable Laws, National Headquarters Guidelines"including NPC Unanimous Agreement"shall be upheld.
  • All members (including alumni, initiated members, and new members) are responsible for understanding and observing the Greek Life recruitment guidelines.
  • Any violation of the Greek Life Recruitment Policies will result in judicial action by the IFC/Panhellenic Council Judicial Board. Based on the nature of the incident, the violation may result in notification of the National Office.
  • The penalties for recruitment violations will follow the Drury University standard sanctions listed in the current Community Standards Handbook.
  • Offenses against other Greek chapters or students will be considered as an attempt to hinder the group's ability to recruit and will result in disciplinary action.

Greek Life Recruitment

  • All chapters will follow the fall recruitment schedule set, organized and executed by IFC/Panhellenic Council.
    • Chapter events should reflect values-based themes and reflect a lifelong fraternal experience.
  • Greek Life fall Recruitment is held early in the fall semester in an area designated by IFC/Panhellenic Council.
  • IFC/Panhellenic Council will handle all Greek Life promotion for recruitment-related activities. Chapters are not allowed to promote their individual chapters.
  • Chapter members may display signs, paint the windows of their residence or vehicle, and provide outside groups with chapter-related promotional materials. These items may include chapter letters or supportive statements about Drury Greek Life.
  • Chapter members should never provide a potential member with prohibited items, including but not limited to drugs and alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages use is prohibited during Greek Life recruitment and within 24 hours of the acceptance of bids.

Greek Life Summer Events

  • During the summer, a Greek chapter may not issue a bid or formally pledge a potential member into their chapter.
  • During the summer, chapters shall only use the house/suite for recruiting purposes if it is used for Greek Life recruiting purposes and approved by IFC/Panhellenic council.
  • During the summer, IFC/Panhellenic Officers should write letters of welcome to prospective university students and/or potential members provided they write as a Greek Life representatives and not as a an individual chapter member.
  • Greek students may not participate in or attend registration and orientation events unless IFC/Panhellenic Council has granted specific consideration and guidelines.

Greek Life Recruitment Operations

  • Each chapter shall submit a list of current members to the Greek Advisor by the first day of fall recruitment workshop.
  • There will be a mandatory informational session for current members prior to fall recruitment. IFC/Panhellenic Council will present important recruitment information. All current Greek members (new and initiated, excluding study abroad during their study abroad time period) must attend the session and sign a Membership Expectation Contract to be eligible for participation in Greek Life Recruitment.
  • IFC/Panhellenic will establish a fall Recruitment budget for chapter spending directly related to recruitment events.
  • Recruitment Counselors/Guides will inspect each fraternity house/sorority suite before the each Recruitment event.

Greek Life Recruitment Counselors/Guides

  • IFC/Panhellenic Council will adhere to all written rules and guidelines and will act in the best interests of potential members and general Greek Life.
  • Recruitment Counselors/Guides are required to maintain principles of Greek Life ethics at all times, including:
    • Maintaining confidentiality with privileged information
    • Remaining objective and impartial at all times
  • Recruitment Counselors/Guides should be available to potential members at all times, including:
    • Providing contact information to potential members
    • Responding to contact from potential members in a timely manner
    • Scheduling group and individual meetings with potential members

Potential Greek Members
A potential member is defined as any student who is not currently a Greek student (initiated or new) on Drury's campus and has not been initiated into any other fraternity or sorority.

  • A student is eligible to participate in Greek Life Recruitment if they are a full-time student in good standing with Drury University.
  • A potential member shall register for Recruitment and pay any applicable registration fees.
  • A potential member shall consult their Recruitment Counselor/Guide before withdrawing from recruitment.
  • Potential members who attend any functions under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will be dropped from Greek Life Recruitment.
  • Potential Members are guaranteed to receive a Fraternity/Sorority Basic Requirements information sheet listing financial obligations, academic standards and time requirements of each Fraternity/Sorority chapter.
  • A potential member shall attend recruitment events to which they have accepted an invitation. In case of illness or another emergency, the potential member shall notify their recruitment counselor/guide who will alert affected chapters.

There are other situations which, based upon the circumstances, may result in immediate action taken by IFC/Panhellenic Council. Greek students should always promote all aspects of Greek Life with a positive supportive attitude.