Campus Housing Policy

Drury University recognizes the value of residential living to the total educational process and therefore requires full-time day school undergraduate students to live in residential housing or in fraternity houses.

Once a student moves into a residence, he or she accepts accommodations and board as a contractual agreement with the university for the full academic year, or as specified on the housing contract.

  • To be eligible for campus housing, students must be 17 or older upon Move-In.
  • No one may move in or out of campus housing without the approval of the Housing Office. Approval is granted first through the Housing Office, and then it is referred to the Dean of Students.
  • The Housing Office makes room assignments. While every effort will be made to assign compatible individuals, the decision of the Housing Office is final. The student participant in a housing contract agrees to accept the roommate(s) assigned to him or her.
  • In case of a vacancy in a double or triple room, the remaining occupant may elect to pay the private room fee (if space permits) or the occupant may be requested to move to another room, or may be assigned a new roommate. Fraternity houses are NOT exempt from this policy.
  • Residents may not sublease units and only residents who have signed contracts are considered legal occupants.
  • Residence halls and fraternity houses are closed over fall, Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Students without outstanding conduct sanctions may sign up to stay in their residence. Break housing fees will be assessed to the student’s account.
  • Students residing in apartment-style housing may stay during fall, Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Apartment-style residents may stay in housing during winter break only if contracted for the entire academic year. Students residing in apartmentstyle housing for just the fall or spring must move out at the conclusion of their semester.
  • At the conclusion of the contract, all personal property must be removed from the residence and the residence must be cleaned by the deadline advertised, even if the resident has signed a new contract and is returning to the same unit at a later date (see check-out procedures). The university does not provide storage space.
  • The Housing Office reserves the right to cancel any housing contract at any time.
  • If a student becomes ineligible to live in campus housing for any of the following reasons, refunds are not granted after signing a housing contract:
    • Disciplinary action or violation of university policy
    • Withdrawal from Drury
    • Academic suspension from Drury
    • Change in marital status
    • Birth or adoption of a child
    • Extenuating circumstances as deemed by the Dean of Students

Exemption from Housing Policy

Full-time undergraduate day students who desire to live off campus for the upcoming academic year must submit a “Request for Exemption from the University Housing Policy” to the Housing Office by the advertised deadline. Students aged 21 or over will receive priority for exemption, but are not guaranteed exemption. Exemptions may be requested for the following reasons:

  • A student may live at home with a parent at primary family residence within 30 miles of Drury.
  • Student will be 21 or older when the academic year begins.
  • Student is married or is a parent. If this is your first exemption and you are under 21, provide a copy of a marriage license or birth certificate to verify this information.
  • Medical condition that requires special living accommodations that student housing cannot reasonably provide. If this is your first medical exemption, attach doctor’s note describing the condition and necessary accommodations.
  • Extenuating circumstances. Attach detailed letter explaining circumstances.
  • Currently serving in the US Armed Forces or US Armed Forces veteran. 

All requests to live off campus will be reviewed by the Housing Exemption Committee. Permission to live off campus is granted by the Housing Office via Drury email. Students who do not receive email approval prior to the start of the academic year are required to complete a housing contract and reside on campus for the upcoming academic year. Failure to receive permission to live off campus through the exemption process does not release students from the financial obligation of room and board. Exemptions are only granted by academic year. Each spring, students must reapply to live off campus prior to registering for the upcoming summer and/or academic year.

Housing exemption forms and contracts are available at and in MyDrury under the Campus Life tab.

Housing Holds on Student Account

Full-time undergraduate day school students who do not participate in the annual housing sign-up process or exemption process will have a housing hold placed on their account. A housing hold prevents course registration. Housing holds will be released when the student signs a contract to live on campus or files an exemption that is subsequently approved.

Housing Deposit & Refund

To obtain campus housing, a $200 room deposit is required of each resident. This fee is not covered by full-ride scholarships. New students should send the housing deposit with the housing contract to:

Drury University Admission Office
900 N. Benton Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802.

Returning students should participate in the Housing Sign-Up process in the spring, and should submit contracts in MyDrury. Students who currently live on campus will not need to pay another housing deposit, as it carries forward each year.

New fall admits who drop prior to May 1 will get their deposit back in full. New spring admits who drop prior to December 1 will get their deposit back in full.

Students with clean, undamaged rooms who follow proper check-out procedures and turn in their keys will have their deposits carried forward to the next academic year. The deposit will be refunded after graduation or when a student leaves Drury, assuming he/she follows proper check-out procedure and does not have an outstanding balance with the University.