Web Communication & Design Minor

This program provides students of any discipline with the skills and theoretical foundation to become proficient in the basics of web communication and design. Students will learn how to become content strategists for any business or organization seeking to engage audiences in an electronic environment. Students will be exposed to social media, HTML and basic web technologies, as well as content-creation strategies in the visual and written disciplines. Building on the 13-hour core that exposes students to design, systems, and media-usage theoretical perspectives, minors can choose from a menu of courses in computer science, media creation, and art design to develop an area of web expertise tailored to their needs.

Students completing the web communication and design minor will have gained: an ability to develop and post multimedia content including photo galleries and videos; an understanding of web-hosted technologies for the creation and maintenance of social media networks; fluency in HTML, CSS, and web-design software to develop websites for personal and corporate use; and an understanding of design and media-usage theory to develop functional yet appealing web designs.

The web communication and design minor must complete 19 hours of coursework:  13 hours of required courses and six hours of elective courses. All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

ARTZ 211: Digital Foundations
COMM 221: Multimedia Writing
COMM 386: Web Communication
CSCI 251: Introduction to Computer Science

Choose two courses from the following electives:
ARTZ 267: Digital Photography I
ARTZ 326: Graphic Design: Audience and Format
COMM 226: Multimedia Production I
COMM 380: Data Visualization
CSCI 277: Web and Mobile Application Development
CSCI 355: Database