M.A. in Communication

Emphasis: Organizational Leadership and Change

The Master of Arts in Communication with Emphases in Integrated Marketing Communications, Organizational Leadership and Change, and Nonprofit Communication requires 30 hours of credit, usually taken in 10 courses. Each emphasis has a core of courses required of all students. Elective courses are selected, in consultation with the student’s advisor, from a list of professional or liberal arts electives. Coursework may be completed through full-time or part-time enrollment and by taking a combination of both seated and online classes. An undergraduate degree in communication is not required for admission to the program.

COMM 601: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication
COMM 604: Seminar in Communication Ethics
COMM 605: Organizational Change
COMM 607: Seminar in Organizational Communication
COMM 611: Management & Leadership
COMM 630: Media & Technology Literacy
COMM 651: Communication Consulting
COMM 661: Entrepreneurial Communication
COMM 701: Advanced Organizational Research