Commencement Regalia

Undergraduate Degrees

All students must wear the undergraduate cap, gown, and tassel provided by the university. The regalia is to be adorned in keeping with the following:

  • Master of Architecture degrees will wear a hood provided by the university.
  • Members of Mortar Board may wear the stole corresponding to that honor society.
  • Students who have studied abroad may wear the badge in recognition thereof.
  • Students may wear cords available from organizations and societies who recognize student membership and achievement during their time at the university.

Graduate Degrees

All students must wear the graduate cap, gown, and tassel provided by the university.

  • Graduate degrees will be awarded a hood as it correlates to their degree.
  • No other adornments (cords, stoles, badges, etc.) are permitted.


  • Please wear your tassel on the right. It should remain on that side throughout the ceremony.
  • Men should remove their caps in keeping with the President of the university: As he removes and replaces his cap, please do so also. Women may wear their caps throughout the ceremony.
  • Graduates should dress appropriately for the commencement ceremony. Formal dress is appreciated.

Regalia Pick-up

All graduates must pay in full all business office balances before they may pick up caps and gowns.

Gowns, caps and tassels are distributed from Wednesday-Friday of commencement week, as well as on the day of the ceremony. Gowns, caps, tassels and hoods may be kept.


All students are assessed a graduation fee prior to commencement. Fees are payable online or in-person at Student Financial Services.

Find out more about specific graduation fees.