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Chemistry Minor

The chemistry minor requires a minimum of 19 credit hours.

Choose four from the following foundation courses:
CHEM 208: Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 238: Inorganic Chemistry
*CHEM 312: Organic Chemistry Reactions
*CHEM 315: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 327: Physical Chemistry
CHEM 336: Biochemistry
*Students may select only CHEM 312 or CHEM 315

Choose three from the following foundation or advanced labs:
CHEM 208-L: Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 238-L: Inorganic Chemistry Lab
*CHEM 312-L: Organic Chemistry Reactions Lab
*CHEM 315-L: Organic Chemistry Lab

CHEM 327-L: Physical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 336-L: Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 308-L: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 338-L: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 414-L: Medicinal Chemistry Lab
CHEM 415-L: Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 427-L: Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 436-L:Advanced Biochemistry Lab
*Students may select only CHEM 312-L or CHEM 315-L

Choose one advanced topic from the following:
CHEM 308: Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 338: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 412: Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions
CHEM 414: Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 415: Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 427: Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHEM 436: Advanced Biochemistry
CHEM 390: Selected Topics