Chemistry & Physics

Chemistry Faculty

Beth Harville
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biology

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 201
Phone: (417) 873-4085
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B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1989
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1995

Drury University faculty member since 2005
Associate Professor since 2015

Ken HighKen High 
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 103
Phone: (417) 873-7248
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Dr. Kenneth G. High came to Drury University in 1990. He received his Ph.D. from the department of chemistry at Seton Hall University in 1988. From 1988 until 1990 Dr. High was a Welch Foundation Fellow at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Chemistry teaching interests include, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry. In addition to this, Dr. High has taught Science and Inquiry and Alpha Seminar as part of the CORE curriculum. In terms of research, he has studied various rhodium and ruthenium complexes as catalysts in oxidation reactions and silane reactions. Most recently, he has participated in a project which involves the interactions of small peptides with glucose.

B.S., Rider College, 1984
M.S., Seton Hall University, 1986
Ph.D., Seton Hall University, 1988

Drury University faculty member since 1990
Associate Professor since 1996

Albert Korir

Albert Korir
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 208
Phone: (417) 873-7509
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Dr. Albert Korir came to Drury University in 2008. He received his Ph.D. from the department of chemistry at the University of Kansas in 2007. Prior to joining the faculty at Drury, Dr. Korir was a postdoctoral researcher at the chemistry department in University of California, Riverside. His teaching interests include Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Environmental Chemistry.

Dr. Korir has been actively involved in undergraduate research and regularly sends students to regional and national meetings to present their research. His research interests involve developing and improving analytical methods to separate and characterize heparin sequences important for protein-binding. In 2010, Dr. Korir received the Cottrell College Science Award Grant for his research at Drury University. 

B.S., Kenyatta University, Kenya, 1992
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2006

Drury University faculty member since 2008
Associate Professor since 2014

Madhuri ManpadiMadhuri Manpadi
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 108
Phone: (417) 873-7185
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B.S., Osmania University (India), 1997
M.S., Osmania University, 1999
Ph.D., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 2008

Drury University faculty member since 2012
Assistant Professor since 2012




Donald Morris
Laboratory Support Specialist

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 204
Phone: (417) 873-6981

Dr. Donald E. Morris is an Adjunct Professor and Laboratory Support Specialist, received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1967 and did post-doctoral research at Stanford University. He is experienced in catalysis research and has had over 30 years' experience as an industrial chemist, managing a department of 60 people and providing support to four manufacturing plants of a multi-national chemical company.

Dr. Morris is the inventor/co-inventor of 13 U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents, is the author of 14 publications, and has made 18 external presentations. He has been on the staff at Drury University for 5 years where he handles the hazardous waste and has installed and manages the chemical inventory system for the Trustees Science Center among other responsibilities.

BS University of Tulsa, 1963
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1967
Post-Doctoral Research, Stanford University, 1967-68

Scott PetrichScott Petrich
Chair of the Chemistry & Physics Department 
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 203
Phone: (417) 873-7566
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Dr. Scott A. Petrich arrived at Drury University in the fall of 1994 after completing a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation at the University of Central Florida. His teaching duties are dominated by organic chemistry, but have included Alpha Seminar and the Undergraduate Research course as part of the CORE curriculum. His current research interests include the chemistry and reactivity of pyrazolium salts.

B.S., B.A., Southwest State University, 1987
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1992

Drury University faculty member since 1994
Associate Professor since 2000

Lakshmi RoyLakshmi Roy
Director of Science and Technology Services

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 206
Phone: (417) 873-7249

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Lakshmi N. Roy is the Director of Science and Technology Services. After teaching mathematics for three years at Southwest Missouri State University Lakshmi joined Drury University in 1990. His expertises are in the fields of (1) computer assisted scientific data analysis using statistical techniques, (2) multimedia presentations, and (3) web authoring.

Lakshmi is the General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator and co-authors of two general chemistry lab manuals. He also teaches Computer Assisted Data Analysis and General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory classes. Lakshmi keeps up with the recent technology related to computer hardware and software as well as audio-visual, multimedia and scientific equipments and assists faculty, staff and students in developing their own classroom and research presentations. Lakshmi trains students to present their research findings at national as well as international science meetings.

Lakshmi has been actively involved in undergraduate NIH funded research in electrochemistry at Drury University. He has published over 70 research papers, with students as coauthors, in referred journals and presented over 180 papers at national as well as international science conferences.

Research Interests:

  • Thermodynamics of Mixtures of Electrolytes
  • Standard Physiological Buffers with Reference to Cryopreservation of Organs at Subzero Temperatures
  • A Chemical Equilibrium Model for the Carbonation System in Natural Waters
  • Effect of Ionic Strength, pH, and Precipitates on Crystallization of Proteins
  • Pitzer Ion-Interaction Theory for the Development of Unified pH Scale
  • Electrochemical Investigations of Conductivity Polymers
  • Colloid Enhanced Ultra filtration Methods for Removal of Industrial Pollution.


B.S., Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, University of Burdwan, India, 1972 
M.A., Mathematics, Southwest Missouri State University, 1981
M.B.A., Southwest Missouri State University, 1982

Drury University faculty member since 1990
Special Instructor since 1997

Rabindra RoyRabindra Roy
Professor of Chemistry
Walter Hoffman Distinguished Research Professor of Chemistry

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 202
Phone: (417) 873-7247
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Dr. Rabindra N. Roy was born in Benachity, Durgapur, India. In 1974, he became Professor and was the Chair of the Hoffman Department of Chemistry for about 30 years. Since 1990, Dr. Roy has held an endowed chair, the Walter H. Hoffman Distinguished Research Professor of Chemistry.

Dr. Roy is a Ph.D. examiner for 20 foreign universities, a research collaborator with 15 different U.S. universities and research centers, a referee of 30 national and international journals, and a reviewer of grant proposals for federal agencies and private foundations. In addition to the above, he is also a member of many professional organizations.

During sabbaticals and summers, he served as a Visiting Professor at the University of California-Berkeley (1976, 1981); Visiting Scientist at the Bartlesville Energy Technology Center (1983, 1984); Oak Ridge National Lab (1985); the National Bureau of Standards (1986); American Red Cross Research Center (1987); the National Institute of Standards and Technology (1988); University of Miami (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1994); University of Oklahoma (1991, 1993); Oklahoma State University (1992).

Professor Roy has engaged in collaborative research projects in the United States, including Harvard University; the University of California, Berkeley; and universities around the world. During sabbatical (1996), he had the opportunity to work with Nobel Laureate, Dr. Johann Deisenhofer, at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, who has been a research collaborator since that time.

B.Sc., Jadavpur University, Calcutta, 1959
M.Sc., Jadavpur University, Calcutta, 1961
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1966 
D.Sc., Jadavpur University, Calcutta, 1999

Drury University faculty member since 1966
Professor since 1974

Mark WoodMark Wood
Professor of Chemistry
Director of Pre-Health Science Programs

Office: Trustee Science Center, Room 211
Phone: (417) 873-7474
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Dr. Mark D. Wood, Professor, came to the Hoffman Department of Chemistry in 1992. His teaching responsibilities include General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Science and Inquiry, and Undergraduate Research. Dr. Wood has a very active and ongoing research program that develops methods and tools for assessing and improving student learning. His research has generated national attention and recognition for its innovation, including multiple grants from the National Science Foundation totaling 1 million dollars. Dr. Wood is currently working on assessment and intervention strategies that can be easily administered at a wide range of universities across the US.

B.A., Drury College, 1981
Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1992

Drury University faculty member since 1992
Professor since 2009