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About the Department of Chemistry

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry are committed to providing a rigorous and comprehensive academic program that will enrich the intellectual lives of our students.

The whole of the chemistry curricula is designed for students to test the interplay between theory and observation. Students in chemistry are expected to develop skills for critically evaluating ideas, and to discover for themselves the extent to which theoretical models provide an explanation for how nature behaves.

The academic chemistry program requires students to integrate practical and theoretical knowledge, and to reach a deeper understanding of how the practice of science impacts society.

Most importantly, the study of chemistry can liberate people to participate and contribute to the global community. Throughout the curriculum students learn to work cooperatively in teams, independent of gender, race, or creed, where they solve problems together and take this life skill into their future careers.

Student-Faculty Collaboration

Chemistry students benefit from an environment where student-faculty collaboration is a core value of a Drury education. Student learning takes priority over all other departmental concerns, and an environment that allows students to engage their professors is a hallmark of the Drury experience.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Certified Program

The chemistry department has an academic program approved by the American Chemical Society and offers students who meet the approved requirements an ACS certified degree.

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