Student Profile: Michelle Jenkins

CCPS Student
Major: Business Administration
Job Title: Whole Goods Expediter - CHN Industrial Reman

As a full-time worker for CHN Industrial Reman in Springfield, MO, Michelle Jenkins had concerns about finding time to go back to school and earn a bachelor’s degree. However, with the help of Drury’s College of Continuing Professional Studies program, she has been able to balance school, work, and family life over the past year.

Immediate Impact

From the start of her new experiences with the CCPS program, Jenkins saw positive results almost immediately.

“Just by getting accepted to Drury and starting classes, my current supervisor contacted me because she heard I was going to college and furthering my career,” Jenkins said. “I’ve learned so much more business-wise and it’s helped me make a bigger impact in my company.”

In addition to growing in skills and knowledge about the business industry, Jenkins now has a succession plan in place once she completes the business administration degree. She is currently in the process of training for her direct supervisor’s job in the hopes that she will be able to move up on the company ladder.

“I believe that our program is the best in Springfield. I’m so thankful for the company I work for and how they want to see everyone excel in any way,” Jenkins said.

More than a Piece of Paper

Jenkins stressed the importance of going to school to learn, not simply to hold a diploma in her hands.

“When I come to college and I have class, I want to learn,” Jenkins said. “If I’m going to spend the money and put in the effort, I want to learn.”

Through her dedication to her studies, Jenkins has been offered more responsibilities with her current job simply by showing that she is committed to learning.

“[The company] knows what I want to do and I know what I want to do,” Jenkins said. “If [earning a degree] is what I have to do to get where I want to be, I’m going to do it.”

Discover More

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Story and video by Michaela Remijio.