CCPS Global Studies Course Descriptions

200 Level Courses
GLST 201: Global Awareness and Cultural Diversity. 3 hours.

Prerequisites: ENGL 150 and LIBR 211
Students develop cultural analysis skills by examining representative examples of the world’s cultures. Students become familiar with specific cultures by examining: a) nonmaterial culture (religious beliefs, social values and norms); b) material cultures (arts, way of life, technology, etc.); and c) specific cultural and social issues. This examination helps students cultivate an empathetic and thoughtful understanding of other cultures and people and develop active methods of promoting human equality at a personal and societal level. This course provides a framework for understanding cultures and peoples. Meets cultural diversity requirement.

400 Level Courses
GLST 493: Ethical Issues in a Global Society. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: senior status. 
This course is the interdisciplinary capstone experience for health services, human services and law enforcement majors. The first section of the course surveys the ethical theories that inform and guide professionals in these areas. During the second unit, students explore case studies and apply moral analysis to contemporary problems. The course culminates with an in-depth research paper on a current ethical issue in a student’s major, which will prepare the student for professional life in an increasingly global society.