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CCPS Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

Courses listed under the Criminal Justice (CRIJ) heading award credit for specialized education and training provided by specific military and civilian agencies. These courses are available exclusively to students who meet eligibility requirements.

200 Level Courses:
CRIJ 271: Basic Corrections Officer Training

300 Level Courses:
CRIJ 309: Child Abuse Prevention & Investigative Techniques
CRIJ 310: Domestic Violence Intervention Training

CRIJ 271: Basic Corrections Officer Training. 6-9 hours.

This course includes instruction provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections in a training academy for custody and non-custody staff. Topics include corrections theory and profession, administrative procedures and policies, legal studies, interpersonal perspectives, technical studies and skill development.

CRIJ 309: Child Abuse Prevention and Investigative Techniques. 3 hours.

Focuses on the conduct of interviews, gathering of physical evidence, sensitivity to the needs of victims and non-offending parents and special legal considerations as they pertain to the investigation of child abuse.

CRIJ 310: Domestic Violence Intervention Training. 3 hours. 

Focuses on effective intervention and investigation of family dysfunctional incidents using a multidisciplinary approach. Emphasis on protection of the victim and return of the family to a healthy state.

CRIJ 290, 390, 490 Selected Topics, 1-3 hours.

CRIJ 391, 392, 491, 492 Research.

CRIJ 397, 398, 497, 498 Internship.