CCPS Chemistry Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses
CHEM 101: Chemistry – A Human Concern. 3 hours.

This basic course is designed for students with major interests in areas that include topics such as energy and the environment; food, people and chemistry; metals and life; etc. Three lecture hours per week.

CHEM 103: Fundamentals of Chemistry. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: MATH 100. 
A terminal course dealing with fundamentals and basic concepts of chemistry primarily designed for general college students, as well as those in specialized programs such as nursing. Three lecture hours per week.

CHEM 103-L: Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory. 1 hour.

Co-requisite: CHEM 103
A laboratory to complement Fundamentals of Chemistry.

CHEM 107: General Chemistry I. 4 hours.

Prerequisite: MATH 109. 
Development of the modern concepts dealing with the behavior of matter, kinetic theory, atomic theory, chemical bonding and periodic classification. Three lectures and one laboratory period. Held only on Springfield campus and St. Robert campus.

200 Level Courses
CHEM 200: Energy and the Environment.. 3 hours.

A terminal course in the chemistry of man’s environment, designed to present an objective look at the problems of air and water pollution, and analysis and determination of environmental pollutants such as lead in blood, etc. Discussion of various energy resources and their effects on the environment as well as future dangers and possible solutions to the pollution problems. Three lecture hours per week with occasional demonstrations. High school chemistry helpful, but not required.

CHEM 201: Environmental Chemistry. 4 hours.

Prerequisite: CHEM 103. 
A course with a topics based approach to the chemistry of the environment. Students in this course are expected to have some knowledge of chemistry and a desire to apply this knowledge to the environment. Topics of interest include environmental chemistry of water, water pollution, water treatment, geochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, hazardous materials and resources. Three lectures and one laboratory period.

CHEM 212: Elementary Organic Chemistry. 3 hours.

A terminal course on the chemistry of carbon compounds designed for students in geology, medical technology programs or others who require an introductory course covering the entire field of organic chemistry. Three lecture hours per week.

CHEM 212-L: Elementary Organic Chemistry Laboratory. 1 hour.

Co-requisite: CHEM 212. 
A laboratory to complement Elementary Organic Chemistry.