CCPS Behavioral Science (A.S.)

The Associate of Science in Behavioral Science is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to examine behavior through the insights provided by psychology, sociology, and criminology. Psychology is the scientific study of how people think and behave, and psychologists study everything about human experience from the workings of the brain to consciousness, memory, moral reasoning, and language. Sociology provides valuable insights into social factors that affect how institutions and organizations operate, to include race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, and social class. Criminology, which has a historically strong sociology influence, examines the psychological, environmental, and biological causes of criminal behavior, modes of criminal investigation and conviction, and how crime can be prevented. Depending on professional interests, students may concentrate their elective coursework in a particular discipline, if desired. All required courses can be completed online.

Students should have math skills equivalent to MATH 100 or higher before enrolling in BSCI 274

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Program Requirements

Credit Hours


Survey Courses
Select Two
CRIM 102: Introduction to Criminology 3 hrs None
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology 3 hrs None
SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology 3 hrs None

Scientific Core BSCI 200: Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences
3 hrs PSYC 101SOCI 101 or CRIM 102
BSCI 274: Statistical Foundations for the Behavioral Sciences 3 hrs PSYC 101SOCI 101 or CRIM 102
and a college-level math course

Elective Courses
Select Four
PSYC 230: Lifespan Development 3 hrs None
PSYC 234: Drugs and Behavior 3 hrs PSYC 101
PSYC 240: Social Psychology 3 hrs None
CRIM 221: Victimology 3 hrs None
CRIM 222: Introduction to Forensic Science 3 hrs None
SOCI 201: Sociology of the Family 3 hrs None
SOCI 202: Global Social Problems 3 hrs None