Self-Assessment: Are Online Classes for Me?

The following statements will help you determine whether online education is the right academic tool for your needs. If you are in agreement with six of the eight statements below, then you should succeed in the online environment.

  • I have strong English reading and writing skills.

  • I feel comfortable expressing my ideas, comments, and questions in writing.
  • I feel that I have the self-discipline needed to learn without face-to-face interaction with my instructor and classmates.

  • I have an interest in developing “virtual” partnerships with faculty members and classmates at a distance.

  • I am willing to dedicate the same amount of time and effort to an online class that I would to a classroom-based course.

  • I have the necessary time-management skills that would enable me to balance online coursework with my professional and personal responsibilities.

  • I am able to meet deadlines and participate in discussions in my online course.

  • Convenience and flexibility are essential to me in pursuit of my studies.

Online courses are designed to help you manage your time more efficiently in order to accomplish your academic goals.

We wish you success in the online learning environment and look forward to seeing you in class!