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Drury University's Dual Credit Program: Your Future Success Begins Today

 Earn college credit before you attend college full time!

Parents and students, if you have questions about Dual Credit, you may contact Jane Lindsey, coordinator of Drury’s dual credit program at

Schools if you have an interest in making Drury Dual Credit available to students at your school, please contact Jane Lindsey either through the Dean’s Office, (417) 873-7313 or at

Dual Credit Overview:

  • Students take classes during regular high school hours and earn both high school and university credit
  • Students enrolled in Drury Dual credit will receive a student ID number allowing them the opportunity to view their Drury college transcript as well as access to the OLIN Library.
  • Dual Credit allows students to earn credit hours that are generally transferable to other accredited 2 year colleges and 4 year universities. You are always encouraged to contact the institution where you will be completing your higher education studies to insure the credit you are taking will transfer as a general education requirement or elective.
  • Drury University is in compliance with Missouri Department of Higher Education standards for dual credit.
  • The primary purpose of offering dual credit courses is to deliver high-quality introductory college-level courses to high-preforming high school students.


  • Drury strictly follows the guidelines set by the Missouri Department of Education for dual credit instructors. Faculty teaching dual credit course are approved by the same process as all Drury University adjunct faculty. Faculty teaching dual credit courses hold a minimum of a master’s degree in the subject field. 

Student Eligibility

  •  In order to participate in Drury’s dual credit program, juniors and seniors must have either a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale or an 18 composite score on the ACT (or equivalent: PLAN, PSAT, or SAT score). Sophomore students must have an ACT composite score or equivalent of 21 or higher. Freshmen must have an ACT composite score or equivalent of 24 or higher.
  • Students must meet the prerequisite requirements of individual courses offered for dual credit.

Enrollment Process

  •  Students will enroll at their school at a time arranged by their instructor and Drury dual credit coordinator. Students must complete all information on the enrollment form. The legal name is required since this class will be a part of the official college transcript.  Once the enrollment form is completed it must be signed by the student, parent/guardian and classroom instructor. Students 18 years of age must still have the parent/guardian signature on the enrollment form.


  • Drury’s charge per credit hour is $70. Payment may be made in the form of check, money order or cashier’s check made to Drury University.  Payments should be attached to the enrollment form and returned at the same time.


  •  Courses taken in the dual credit program will be graded with a letter grade and recorded on an official Drury University transcript. It is possible that the college attended after graduation from high school will include your dual credit grade in your first semester grade point average. Please note letter grades of A through C- will become a part of the official college transcript. Students receiving a grade of D+ and lower will not receive college credit and will not have the grade or course listed on the college transcript.


  • Students will have access to an unofficial copy of their transcript free of charge by logging on to their MyDrury account. Students will receive their MyDrury login information by mail from Drury University. 
  • To request an official copy of the college transcript, which is needed for transfer of college credit, you may either go online to where there is a fee of $8.00 to order the transcript or you can order the transcript by mail or in person through the Records and Registration Office for a fee of $12. Read more information on how to request a transcript.


  •  Dual credit course duplicate Drury’s curriculum offerings. All students enrolled in a Drury dual credit course must meet the same requirements for completion of the course. Given the rigor of dual credit course work, students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 16 credit hours per semester.