CCPS Standard Syllabus Templates

Standard Syllabus Templates have been designed to provide adjunct faculty with a template for a syllabus with the boilerplate information desired by the College of Continuing Professional Studies. Three standard syllabus templates are available for CCPS seated, blended, and online courses.  This is the minimum that should go into a syllabus and the faculty member may add additional material, as deemed appropriate. The items printed in "black" are standard boilerplate information and should not be altered.  The information items printed in "green" provide examples, general comments, or instructions. A clearly defined expectation is a cornerstone of the adult learning model. Often, the difference between a good faculty member and an outstanding faculty member is an outstanding syllabus.

For seated courses download the CCPS Seated Syllabus Template.

For online or blended course sections, the template is located in the LMS (Moodle or Blackboard) inside your course shell.

Education Courses

Faculty teaching education courses should use the syllabus templates found on the School of Education & Child Development website.

Business Courses

Faculty who are teaching business courses with the prefixes of ACCT, ECON, FINC, MGMT, or MKTG, are asked to use the Breech School Syllabus Template to assist you in preparing the syllabus for your class(es). Our accrediting agency requires a certain format to follow in syllabus preparation, and this template is designed to fulfill those expectations.

"Please open the link and save it to your computer as a Word file (the template is set up in table format). To ensure that the correct information regarding the course is included on the syllabus, please refer to the catalog for course descriptions by clicking on the most recent catalog year to look up the specific information you need. Go to the academic calendar to include important semester dates on the syllabus. If you have questions regarding business course syllabus preparation, please contact Gary DeBauche at