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About the CCPS Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies Program

The College of Continuing Professional Studies offers an associate of science in paralegal studies. A paralegal is a person with specialized training who assists lawyers.

Our paralegal studies program provides the student with a solid foundation in civil litigation, business law, real estate law, torts, family law, and the law of wills, trusts, and estates. Students enroll in this program to pursue career advancement in legal environments such as private law firms, corporate legal departments, and governmental agencies.

The paralegal studies program requires 27 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

LEGA 100: Introduction to the Law
*LEGA 105: Legal Research
LEGA 106: Legal Writing
LEGA 201: Interviewing and Investigating
LEGA 261: Litigation
LEGA 262: Tort Law
LEGA 263: Social Security/Workers Compensation Law
LEGA 264: Family Law
+LEGA 275: Paralegal Practicum

* In addition to prerequisites of LEGA 100 and ENGL 150, LEGA 105 requires a prerequisite of either LEGA 155 Introduction to Legal Reasoning or PHIL 100 Intro to Logic.

+ Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 in the LEGA core requirement courses (LEGA 100, LEGA 105, LEGA 201, LEGA 261, LEGA 262, LEGA 263, LEGA 264) and the two ENGL writing courses (ENGL 150 and ENGL 207) before registering for LEGA 275.

General Education Courses

Students must take the following courses as part of general education requirements:

ENGL 207: Expository Writing 

Choose one of the following:

PHIL 100: Introduction to Logic


LEGA 155: Introduction to Legal Reasoning

Choose one of the following:

GSTU 101: Introduction to Computers and Software
GSTU 210: Desktop Applications for PCs
GSTU 211: Desktop Applications for Macs