College of Continuing Professional Studies

Associate of Science in Law Enforcement Program

Drury University's associate of science degree program in law enforcement is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in the criminal justice field. Students will develop technical skills such as evidence handling and processing, interviews and interrogations, crime scene investigation and administrative procedures. Students also gain insight into crime problems in the United States, the basic sources of crime, and the justice machinery.

In today's complex world of criminal investigation, law enforcement professionals are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the law, the Constitution, federal and state statutes, and court decisions that apply to the performance of their duties as peace officers. Drury University's associate of science degree program in law enforcement provides students with that understanding and the foundation needed for a successful and rewarding career in public or private law enforcement.

In addition to the associate degree program, Drury University also offers an accredited Law Enforcement Academy on the Springfield campus.

Program Information:

• Classes are available through seated and/or online instruction and the degree can be completed completely online through "Option 2" (see curriculum link below);
• Financial aid is available;
• Approved transfer credit accepted;
• Students must be admitted to Drury University;
• Students attending a Drury law enforcement academy must be enrolled for academic credit hours;
• Final 15 hours of credit must earned through Drury University; and
• Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) contract requires 15 hours of residency with Drury.

Curriculum & Course Descriptions

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