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About the CCPS Associate of Science in Communication Program

The Communications Program at the College of Continuing Professional Studies offers an associates of science in communication. Careers in Communication are the most exciting, dynamic and challenging careers today. Developments in computers and communication technology, expansion of the global marketplace, growing competition and numerous other factors require organizations to transform how they communicate with customers and their publics. In this environment, communication is the priority. Being able to effectively communicate is ranked at the top of skills demanded by employers.

The communication program requires 21 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

COMM 211: Presentational Speaking
COMM 215: Foundations of Comm. Theory
COMM 221: Multimedia Writing
COMM 231: Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
COMM 351: Principles of Persuasion and Influence
COMM 387: Organizational Communication

Choose one of the following

COMM 340: Advertising and Public Relations Research and Strategy
COMM 433: Strategic Writing for Advertising and Public Relations

General Education Courses

Students must take the following courses as part of general education requirements:

ENGL 207: Expository Writing
COMM 220: Business Communication and Writing

Choose one of the following:

GSTU 101: Introduction to Computers and Software
GSTU 210: Desktop Applications for PCs
GSTU 211: Desktop Applications for Macs