College of Continuing Professional Studies

About the CCPS Instructional Technology Program

The Instructional Technology program is designed for people pursuing careers in training and web-based learning. The coursework covers the design, delivery and evaluation of training programs including learning styles, multiple intelligences, instructional planning, design strategies, web-based applications, online instructional methods, testing, simulations and virtual reality, ethical uses of technology, and leadership roles within education and training. Students majoring in Instructional Technology acquire the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary in developing and delivering successful training programs within adult learning environments.

The Instructional Technology program also covers test reliability, validity, administration, proctoring, and web-based building. In addition, students will learn the historical security, and ethical considerations that are encountered in educational technology.

Students will learn the use of educational models to create instruction that is appropriate from a pedagogical and practical viewpoint. This program of study also will address simulation and gaming, as well as training and instructional strategies for distance learning. Online instruction methods are also covered.

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