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About the CCPS Instructional Technology Program

The Instructional Technology degree is designed for people pursuing careers in training and web-based learning. The coursework covers the design, delivery and evaluation of training programs including learning styles, multiple intelligences, instructional planning, design strategies, web-based applications, online instructional methods, testing, simulations and virtual reality, ethical uses of technology, and leadership roles within education and training. Students majoring in Instructional Technology acquire the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary in developing and delivering successful training programs within adult learning environments.

The instructional technology major requires 36 hours in the following distribution:

EDTE 220: Introduction to Web Design
EDTE 301: Writing for the Web
EDTE 310: Psychology of the Adult Learner
EDTE 311: Psychology of Learning
EDTE 320: Methods of Online Instruction
EDTE 330: Test Development and Delivery
EDTE 340: History, Security and Ethics of Technology
EDTE 350: Design and Delivery of Instruction
EDTE 410: Instructional Product Development
EDTE 420: Simulation and Gaming
EDTE 430: Educational Evaluation
EDTE 493: Educational Leadership Seminar

General Education Courses

Students must take the following courses as part of general education requirements:

ENGL 207: Expository Writing 
COMM 220: Business Communication and Writing
MATH 109: College Algebra
MATH 227: Introduction to Statistics
PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the U.S.
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology

Choose one of the following:

GSTU 210: Desktop Applications for PCs
GSTU 211: Desktop Applications for Macs