Selected Topics and Mini-Courses

Selected Topics are courses of an experimental nature that provide students a wide variety of study opportunities and experiences. Selected Topics offer both the department and the students the opportunity to explore areas of special interest in a structured classroom setting. Selected Topics courses (course numbers 290, 390, 490) will have variable titles and vary in credit from 1-3 semester hours. Selected Topic courses may not be taken as a Directed Study offering.

One credit hour selected topics courses are considered mini-courses (courses numbered 199). Mini-courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis and only four hours of credit earned for completion of mini-courses are applicable toward degrees. Mini-courses cannot be used to satisfy general education and major requirements in a degree program. The credit earned from mini-courses is elective credit only to be used as hours toward the graduation requirement. Enrollment in mini-courses is open to all students, regardless of academic classification.