Online Courses

Drury University offers courses and degrees in a Web-based format for continuing studies students.

Online courses offer high quality instruction for the busy adult student who chooses an alternative to a face-to-face classroom setting. Drury’s online courses are instructor-led with start and end dates structured around the academic calendar. Due dates for assignments, discussions and exams are determined by the instructor. Online courses provide practical application combined with active participation by students in discussion, reading and writing.

To be successful in online classes, students must have internet proficiency, internet accessibility and access to the necessary computer hardware and software to participate in the class.

Online students should have:

The initiative to learn and study in an interactive, virtual setting with other students and the instructor; willingness to dedicate the same or more time and effort to an online class that would be given to a seated class; and the necessary time management skills that enable them to balance online courses with professional and personal responsibilities.

Please go to for complete information concerning guidelines, requirements, course offerings, registration procedures, textbook ordering, online orientation, and technical considerations for taking online classes.