Requirements for Graduation

To be recommended for one of the degrees below a candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The declaration of major must be finalized prior to the student’s second semester. A student who has not attended Drury for one year or more will be required to submit a new declaration of major, which may change the course requirements based on the updated catalog.
  • The successful completion of the required minimum number of credit hours (124 hours for Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of General Studies; 62 hours for Associate of Science).
  • At the time of graduation the average cumulative grade must be at least a “C” (2.0).
  • The successful completion of a major (study-in-depth). The major shall require not less than three or more than six semester hours of senior seminar, research or other designated capstone requirement.
  • The successful completion of all general-education requirements.
  • Students may complete multiple majors. Courses may be taken that are common to and included in the hours required for multiple majors as long as a minimum number of hours is completed in the combined areas. The minimum number of required unique hours for multiple majors shall be the sum of the university minimum required hours (24 for majors) for the combined majors, minus three hours times the number of majors. For example, a double major requires a minimum of 42 unique hours, a triple major requires a minimum of 63 unique hours. Any number of courses may overlap and any course may be used any number of times, as long as the student completes the minimum required number of unique hours.
  • At least 36 hours of the total number of hours required for graduation must be in upper-division courses (courses numbered in the 300s and 400s).
  • The last 30 semester hours must be taken in residence.
    All candidates for degrees are expected to be present at the commencement exercises. To participate in commencement exercises, students must have completed all degree requirements. Requests for degrees to be granted “in absentia” must be approved by the registrar.
  • No student who has any unsettled accounts with the university will be graduated.
  • Prior to course registration, students are responsible for reviewing their requirements to make certain that progress is being made toward completion of the degree.
  • Undergraduate students are eligible to walk in the Spring Commencement ceremony if they are a) within six credit hours of completing all degree requirements for graduation and b) are already registered for those missing courses in the next available academic term. Note that the business office will not clear a student to walk in commencement unless his/her account balance for all registered courses has been paid. Students who wish to take advantage of this revision to the existing policy should file the intent to graduate form available in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Please note: Because students petitioning for this exception will not have met the requirements for honors calculation at the time of commencement, Latin honors will not be acknowledged at commencement, and will be conferred, and the diploma made available, when the student completes all graduation and honors requirements.