Commercial Activity Policy

Drury University is a safe, education-oriented and community-minded campus that maintains an academic and social environment conducive to intellectual and personal development of students and promotes the safety and welfare of all members of the campus community. Drury University prohibits the abuse of commercial activity by its students, employees and citizens. Drury University will cooperate with authorities in the enforcement of all applicable laws.

The abuse of commercial activity by Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens is prohibited on university-owned or -controlled property, in conjunction with university-sponsored or -supervised activities, or at any activity or event that an observer would associate with Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens.

This policy has been established to protect the integrity of the educational experience, encourage positive behavior and enhance the community commitment of Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens.

Solicitation Guidelines

University facilities are not to be used as a location for the operation of any business or enterprise, including the ongoing sale of any services or products.

Commercial Activity and Vendor Sponsorship Guidelines

The programs and activities of students, campus departments or student organizations can be greatly enhanced by the support of commercial vendors and other off-campus organizations. However, the Drury community and off-campus vendors may have different motives and desires. These guidelines should be followed to ensure the safety of the Drury University community. All commercial activity held on the Drury University campus must have the prior approval of the dean of students office and must be sponsored by a registered student organization or a campus department.

Signing Contracts

The programs and activities of student groups can be greatly enhanced by the support of off-campus vendors. At times, the collaboration of students, student organizations and/or off-campus vendors requires a contract to be signed regarding goods or services provided, price and/or dates for performance or delivery.

Contract Approvals

The dean of students must review all contracts to ensure standard requirements are met. To have your contract reviewed, submit a copy of the contract to the dean of students office. All contracts must be submitted at least three weeks before the event. Student organizations should allow three days for the dean of students to review the contract.

University Involvement

Students do not have the authority to sign any contract on behalf of Drury University or any of its facilities or departments.

If a student or student organization fails to meet its contractual obligations, Drury University will not assume those obligations.