Catalog Policy

Courses and policies listed in this catalog are subject to change through normal channels. New courses, changes in existing coursework and new policies are initiated by the appropriate institutional departments, committees or administrators. Policy revisions are normally implemented in the next academic year following notification thereof. However, occasionally a policy must be changed and implemented in the same academic year. The university reserves the right to make changes that seem necessary or advisable, including course cancellations. A curriculum or policy change could be applied to matriculated students, and for this reason, this catalog should not be construed as constituting a contract between the university and any person.

To complete degrees, students are expected to meet requirements listed in the catalog that are in effect for the year of the student’s admission or readmission to the university. Students also must meet any additional degree requirement of which they have been officially advised.

Information contained in this publication is certified as correct in content and policy as of the date of publication in compliance with the Veterans Administration Circular 20-76-84 and Public Law 94-502.