Finding an Internship Site

Locating the Site
  • Utilize the network of people you already know. Talk to faculty, students, alumni, coaches, and friends because you never know who will lead you to a great opportunity. LinkedIn is also a great resource to locate professionals working in your field of interest.
  • Search OptimalResume, Drury University Career Planning & Development's online job/internship database. You can also view a list of job/internship search resources on our webpage.
  • Explore the Internet for ideas as well. Keep in mind searching for the word, 'internships' is too broad and 'paid summer marketing representative internship in Springfield, MO' is too narrow. It is helpful to search rather for the types of companies you might be interested in, and then target your search to those companies. Not all internship positions are posted online, you may have to reach out to the specific companies and inquire about opportunities.
  • Students are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with Career Planning & Development to discuss internship opportunities.
Applying for the Internship
  • After conducting research, make a list of potential internship sites.
  • Cover letters and resumes should be prepared to send to the potential sites. Use OptimalResume to get started and schedule an appointment to have your materials reviewed by Career Planning & Development.
  • Send cover letters and resumes to employers of interest. Be sure to follow-up with sites to discuss the possibility of interviewing for an internship.
  • Be prepared for the interview and dress professionally. Practice your interview skills on OptimalResume or schedule a mock interview with Career Planning & Development.
  • Send appropriate thank you cards or emails within 48 hours.
Making Your Experience Count
  • Performing well in an internship is crucial. Remember, this internship may have full-time job opportunities in the future or you may want to use your supervisor or co-workers as references.
  • Be sure to discuss expectations with site supervisor. Let your supervisor know of Drury holidays and breaks when you may be unable to work. Establish a work schedule and stick to it.
  • Do your very best with every task you are provided and take initiative by asking for new projects when you have completed the required tasks.
  • Keep copies and records of your work including projects and completed number of hours.
  • After finishing your internship, leave on the best possible terms. Always thank your supervisor for the experience and stay in touch when possible.
  • If you do experience any issues during your internship please contact your faculty sponsor and/or Career Planning & Development immediately.