Career Planning & Development


Who are you? Career Planning & Development offers a variety of assessments to help you best determine your interests, values and abilities.

The first step in the process of choosing a career is self-assessment. Before you can decide what you want to do, you must have a comprehensive understanding of who you are-your unique interests, abilities, values and life plan. Self-assessment and goal-setting are very important to the job search. They keep you focused . . . but most importantly, help you to be ready to grab the opportunity. Below are links to various exercises and sites that will help you to assess yourself.

What are your interests?
This is the first question that you must answer to begin deciding on your career and life plan.

Resources to help you with self-assessment:

The Strong Interest Inventory, based on John Holland's theory, as well as the Myer's-Briggs Type Indicator are offered as paper and pencil tests. After you have taken these assessments, you will follow-up with an appointment to go over the results and begin researching potential majors and careers of interest. Schedule an appointment to come in to take the assessments. Assessments are free of charge to Drury University day school students. There is a $10 fee per assessment for CCPS students and alumni.

Now that you have completed the first step, Self-Assessment, the next step is Research. To begin researching, check out our Majors, Careers & Job Market page.