Networking - It's Who You Know!

Build contacts by networking!

Networking is a way in which you actively seek out jobs through contacts with friends, family, and professionals. It is a great way to make valuable connections with other professionals to assist you in finding a mentor, job lead, or even a job!

Networking and Informational Interviews

Keep in mind that many available jobs are never advertised. They are filled through personal contacts, or what is known as "the hidden job market." According to results from our Annual Graduate Survey, graduates reported obtaining jobs through family/friends and networking more than any other method. Once you have your objective, they key is to reach the person who has the authority to hire. Networking is all about utilizing and developing contacts and performing informational interviewing.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the world of networking. Be sure to view their online tutorials to maximize your usage and presence. Local networking events can often be found through chambers of commerce and business journal publications. In Springfield, check out Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Springfield Business Journal. The Network is a Springfield Chamber of Commerce organization of young professionals, between the ages of 21 and 40 who have the desire to become leaders by providing relevant, real-time skill-building and connection with their peers. This network helps young professionals gain access to businesses, other young professionals and their leaders. Once you obtain DU alumni status, you can check out Drury University Alumni Networking Opportunities.