Welcome from the Dean of Breech School of Business

Robin SronceGreetings from the Breech School of Business at Drury University and welcome to our website!  The Breech School has a 50+ year history of preparing business students to be active participants in their careers and communities.  You will find our alumni from coast to coast and around the world making a difference every day. These web pages will provide information about how our outstanding faculty and staff at our AACSB and ACBSP accredited school work every day to help prepare our students to be ethical leaders in their business community.

The Breech School of Business offers specialized undergraduate majors in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing as well as a minor in business administration. Additionally, there is the opportunity to purse a general business administration degree online. Integrating the professional preparation received at the Breech School with the liberal arts preparation of a Drury degree means our students are “job-ready” for the challenges of the careers ahead. At the graduate level, the Drury MBA provides an integrative approach to studying business in a personalized environment.

For our students, learning goes beyond the classroom.  Internships and study abroad experiences mean that our specialized majors put their classroom lessons to work. These real world experiences provide them with broader perspectives and practical skills.  Engagement is key to a Breech education and happens with the faculty, other students, alumni and business leaders.

Learning and support reaches beyond the faculty and staff as well.  Breech alumni are committed to giving back and they provide powerful connections for our students during their time at Drury, as well as support in their future careers. Activities like Breech Business Week provide students with connections to the business community and helps provide them with the professional preparation that makes them standout from other graduates at other programs.  

Our website will provide you with information about our programs, students, faculty, and alumni at the Breech School of Business.  I encourage you to contact us with any questions.  Our faculty, students, and alumni are anxious to talk about the “Breech experience” and provide you with additional information.  We invite you to visit our campus and meet our faculty and students to learn more about the Breech School of Business, a place where you can be actively involved, make powerful connections, and graduate with an excellent education.  We welcome you!

Robin Sronce

Dean, Breech School of Business