Student Profile: Evan Adams

Graduation Year: May 2019
Majors: Economics and Management
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Evan Adams is a Drury junior from St. Louis majoring in Economics and Management. In high school, he attended a state school over the summer with the Trial Admission Program (TAP) and felt it was too large. Adams discovered Drury through a family friend from church when he visited the campus with her family. He quickly realized Drury was the right fit. It was comfortable. 

He appreciates that the campus focuses on student success. Adams' professors are available and willing to meet with him one-on-one. The student life at Drury is easier to get involved in because it is more accessible. "I have been active on campus and have found connections in unexpected places," Adams says. 

Scholarships and financial aid helped Adams attend Drury. "They help alleviate the stress because I know that I can afford it and will be able to finish my degree," he says. "I work 20 hours a week on campus and this allows me to dedicate myself to focus on school without a job off campus." 

Adams plans to get his MBA after graduation and hopes to work for an energy company.