Katlin Cundiff, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

(417) 873-7385
BRE 103
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B.B.A., Estonian Business School, Estonia, 2003
M.S.B.A. Estonian Business School, Estonia, 2004
Ph.D. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, 2011

Drury University faculty member since 2016
Assistant Professor since 2016

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Please tell us a brief bio of your career – how long have you taught at Drury, what courses do you typically teach, what are your research interests, what is your educational background, etc.

Prior to joining Drury University in fall 2016, I worked in North Europe and in the Middle East. I was born in Estonia, a tiny country in North Europe. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Estonian Business School and a Ph.D. in Management from University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. I have taught a wide variety of management courses both in Finland and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s precisely these international perspectives and experiences that I would like to bring to my management, leadership, organizational behavior, ethics, and HR courses.

How does the Breech School of Business prepare students for their professional career?

Breech School of Business will soon mark its 60th birthday and has a long record of success. As a degree requirement, our students participate in internship programs either in local or international companies. All Breech School of Business students travel the world via a Study Abroad program. Whether it’s China, Asia, Latin America, Europe, or the Middle East, our students gain truly global exposure. Breech School of Business holds strong community connections through our vast Alumni network, various activities such as Breech Business Week, the Volunteer Income Tax Program and numerous student clubs. Last but not the least, the outstanding Breech faculty are leaders in their fields who are committed to developing the business creators and innovators of tomorrow.  

What sets Breech apart from other business schools?

Breech Business school does not limit learning to the classroom only. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn about Breech’s Study Abroad program. I cannot emphasize enough the value of traveling and exploring the world. Not only will you learn from other people and cultures, you will rediscover yourself and test yourself in completely new environments. As put by a famous travel photographer Matt Karsten, “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning their course of study in the Breech School of Business?

It is often said that university years are the best times in one’s life. I would recommend students joining Breech School of Business to make the most of those years. As a student you will have a great opportunity to meet and work with fellow students, professors and staff, and expand your social network. It’s a time to learn and grow. It’s a time to challenge one’s thinking and see different perspectives. It’s a time to absorb and reflect. Breech School of Business professors are there for you and will be part of your university journey.