Breech School of Business Faculty & Staff

Angie Adamick Angie Adamick
MBA Director
Instructor of Management
(417) 873-7612
BRE 206A
Penny Clayton Penny Clayton
Professor of Accounting
(417) 873-7396
BRE 206B
Tiffany Cossey Tiffany Cossey
Associate Professor of Accounting
(417) 873-7383
BRE 205

Katlin Cundiff
Assistant Professor of Management
(417) 873-7385
BRE 100G

Gary DeBauche Gary DeBauche
Instructor of Economics & Finance
(417) 873-7613
BRE 203

Walter Henley
Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing
(417) 873-7916
BRE 100I

Shannon McMurtrey
Assistant Professor of Management
Information Systems
(417) 873-7242
BRE 100C

Marilyn Martin Melchiorre
Adjunct Instructor

Steve Mullins Steve Mullins
Associate Dean of the Breech School of Business Administration Professor of Economics
(417) 873-7299
BRE 100
 Kelley Nichols Kelley Still Nichols
Associate Professor of Accounting
(417) 873-7458
BRE 20
Cuneyt Orman
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
(417) 873-6962
BRE 100K
Kay Osborne
Instructor, CCPS/Business
(417) 873-6967
BRE 100E
Steven Parscale
Adjunct Instructor
Charles Pettijohn Charles Pettijohn
Associate Professor of Marketing
(417) 873-7408
BRE 100-J
Clifton Petty Clifton Petty
Professor of Management
(417) 873-7240
BRE 104B
Janis Prewitt Auner Janis Prewitt
Associate Professor of Management
(417) 873-7610
BRE 100D

Bill Prince
Adjunct Instructor
James Simmerman James Simmerman
Assistant Professor of Finance
(417) 873-6830


Tonya Bolin
Assistant I
(417) 873-7508
BRE 100

Mimi Hilburg

Mimi Hilburg
Director of Academic Support Services
(417) 873-7415
BRE 100