Robin Sronce, Ph.D. SPHR

Dr. Robin SronceAssociate Professor of Management
Dean, Breech School of Business

Phone: (417) 873-7438
Office: BRE 100-E
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B.A., Business Administration and Sociology, Drury College, 1983
M.B.A., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1997
Ph.D., Business Administration, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2003

Drury University faculty member since 2006
Dean since 2015

Professional Affiliations
Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
Academy of Management
Midwest Academy of Management
Society of Human Resource Managers
Springfield Area Human Resource Association

Student Organization Affiliations
Mortar Board

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Courses Taught

Undergraduate:  MGMT 301 Leadership and Organization; MGMT 204 Organizational Behavior; MGMT 340 Project Management; MGMT 373 Human Resource Management; MGMT 425 International Management; MGMT 426 Intl Management- China
MBA: MBA 671 Strategic Organizations and Human Resource Management; MBA 682 Global Business, New Ventures and Innovations

Please tell us a brief bio of your career – how long have you taught at Drury, what courses do you typically teach, what are your research interests, what is your educational background, etc.

In 2006, I joined the Drury faculty, moving here from Green Bay Wisconsin where I taught at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay.  I am a Drury graduate, receiving my undergraduate degree in 1983 with majors in Business Administration and Sociology.  I moved to Carbondale, Illinois after graduation and raised my family there while working and completing my MBA and PhD at the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  At Drury, I teach the MGMT 301 Leadership and Organization class which all majors take and I teach a variety of Management electives. 

My research is focused on teaching applications and in the past few years has been heavily influenced by the trips I’ve taken to China with the MBA students.  Journals where I have published include: Journal of Management Education, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and International Journal of Management Education.

How does the Breech School of Business prepare students for their professional career?

The Breech School of Business does an excellent job of preparing students for their professional career because we are focused on making the linkage between the theories in class and application to practice.  Today’s student will rarely stay in the same organization or even industry for their entire life.  When it comes to being successful managers and leaders in a variety of professions the broad theoretical background they receive in Breech classes makes them ready to adapt to the changes they encounter.  Projects that help them see these differences and how theories apply give them practice that will be invaluable in their future.  The emphasis on teamwork, the opportunity for networking, and the internship program are other examples of activities preparing students for the careers ahead.

What sets Breech apart from other business schools?

One of the striking differences between Breech and other business schools is the access to faculty.  Faculty are engaged in all aspects of the school and you literally cannot walk in the door without interacting with us.  Whether it is conversations after class, working together on projects, stopping by for additional help in school work, faculty and student interactions are happening constantly at the Breech school.  This interaction and support continues after students graduate. Faculty serve as life-long friends and mentors for many of our alumni.

Do you have any favorite memories inside the Breech building?

I have many memories of the Breech school both as a student and as a faculty member.  One of the fun things about me is that Dr. Mullins’ first semester here was the year I graduated from Drury, so I was in his very first class.  There are some stories to tell as we taught him the ropes that first semester.  Coming back and being a colleague alongside he and Dr. Rohlf are experiences I cherish.  Now, my favorite days are the first day of classes when I get to greet returning students and meet new ones.  At Breech there are opportunities to make memories every day. 

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning their course of study in the Breech School of Business?

Breech students have many opportunities for learning and making connections.  I encourage students to do both.  My advice is to take advantage of the learning opportunities, not to get the grade or pass the test, but because what we are teaching our students will make a difference in their life and career.  Students may not see the relevance of the assignment now, but trust that the professors believe this information will be valuable to them in the future.  Remember, Breech faculty are committed to student success beyond the classroom.  Students should go to them sooner rather than later with issues or concerns.  Also, I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities to get to know your classmates and faculty, be involved.