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Assurance of Learning and Assessment

The Breech School has an established protocol for its assessment of student learning goals for the BBA and MBA programs which captures our focus on continuous improvement. The annual process is designed to ensure we are meeting all university, school and accreditation requirements.  At the same time we engage the Breech faculty in a continuing review of the learning outcomes expected in our programs, a review of the courses and curriculum supporting each program, and finally a review of achieved results. Such a process sustains our commitment to assessment and assurance of learning.

The specific program learning goals and objectives were developed by the Breech faculty consistent with the Breech School Mission: "Preparing ethical leaders for the global business community." For the BBA program, the learning goals include Ethics, Global Perspectives, Communication, Analytical Skills and Business Judgment, and Professionalism. For the MBA program, the learning goals include Integrated Thought, Intercultural Competence, Leadership and Strategic Thought, and Teamwork and Communication. These goals, along with the Breech School Mission, are constantly reviewed to ensure currency and alignment.

Assessment activities are coordinated by the Breech Assurance of Learning & Assessment (AOL&A) Committee. The AOL&A committee is chaired by a Breech faculty and supported by five additional Breech faculty members, the MBA program director and the Breech director. The AOL&A committee is responsible for the continuous review of program learning goals, tools, measuring rubrics and data collection.


Learning Goals for the BBA Program:

 Learning Goals for the MBA Program: