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About the Breech School of Business Administration

Our programs are dedicated to the development of leaders and decision-makers who are prepared to play prominent roles in a global economy.

The Breech School of Business Administration functions on the undergraduate level as the department of business administration. It also offers a Master in Business Administration degree (MBA) at the graduate level.

The undergraduate majors (accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing) of the Breech School of Business Administration are dedicated to providing academic preparation consistent with the highest professional standards and liberal arts tradition of Drury University. Majors in the five subject areas provide students the opportunity to learn and grow while gaining a deepening understanding of the role of business and economics in our society.

The programs emphasize the development of effective leaders capable of analyzing values, thinking critically, communicating effectively, making sound decisions, integrating theoretical and practical knowledge, exercising personal and social responsibility, appreciating the value of lifelong learning and understanding business and its many positive contributions to a global society.
The Breech School of Business Administration offers lower-division courses that contribute to the liberal education of the student, whatever the area of study may be. A minor is also available in business administration. However, the business administration minor is not available for students majoring in any of the five subject areas listed above.

The curriculum is organized to give students a knowledge of business practices and economic processes; the part played by business and economics in historical development; and an awareness of the major business and economic concerns confronting society.