Sports Management Special Program

The department of exercise and sport science works closely with the Breech School of Business Administration to offer the interdisciplinary program in sports management.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

EXSP Requirements
EXSP 210: American Red Cross First Aid
EXSP 216: Weight Training
EXSP 226: Aerobic Fitness
EXSP 228*: Applied Statistics in Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 311: History and Principles of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 317: Socio-Psychological Aspects of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 331: Motor Learning
EXSP 340: Organizational and Administration of Sport
EXSP 341: Sports Information and Promotion
EXSP 345: Wellness and Health Promotion
EXSP 350: Exercise Physiology
EXSP 397, 398, 497, 498: Internship
EXSP 495: Senior Seminar in Sports Management
* or any 3-hour statistics course

Non-EXSP Requirements:
ACCT 209: Principles of Accounting
BIOL 206: Human Physiology
CISQ 170: Computer Proficiency Exam
COMM 231: Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
ECON 201: Basic Economic Theory
MGMT 301: Leadership and Organizations
MKTG 337: Marketing

Prior to registration for any upper division MGMT or MKTG course, students are required to complete the Permission to Enroll in Upper Division Breech School Courses form to be exempted from the Breech School admission policy, provided they have completed all other specific requirements for the course. Students desiring additional background in sports management may wish to supplement their program by enrolling in additional courses in exercise science and/or business.  See your advisor for recommendations.