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Sociology Minor

Recommendations & Requirements

  • All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses

Required Courses (18 credit hours)

SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 202: Global Social Problems
SOCI 302: Poverty and Inequality
SOCI 336: Development of Sociological Theory

Choose two courses from the following:

ANML 303: Animals and Society
SOCI 306: Social Movements
BSCI 308: Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 311: Issues in Community and Global Health
SOCI 316: Minority Groups
SOCI 320: Drugs and Society
CRIM 321: Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 325: Political Sociology
CRIM 332: Juvenile Delinquency
BSCI 339: Ethical Dilemmas in the Behavioral Sciences
SOCI 341: Homosexuality & Civil Liberties
SOCI 347: Medical Sociology
PSYC 357: Psychology of Adulthood
BSCI 359: Advanced Behavioral Research I
SOCI 360: Community Studies
BSCI 361: Advanced Behavioral Research II
SOCI 362: Sociology of Religion
PSYC 370: Human Sexuality
BSCI 380: Undergraduate Internship Experience
BSCI 435: Psychological Tests and Measurements
BSCI 435-L: Psychological Tests and Measurements Laboratory
BSCI 475: Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
BSCI 475-L: Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
BSCI 480: Undergraduate Internship Experience II
BSCI 493: Senior Seminar
SOCI 390, 490: Selected Topics (1-3 credit hours)
SOCI 391, 392,491, 492: Research

Electives in the Behavioral Sciences

Courses used as electives for one behavioral science major or minor (criminology, psychology or sociology) may not also satisfy elective requirements for another behavioral science major or minor.

Courses in the behavioral neuroscience minor may be used as electives for the psychology major or minor. Likewise, courses in the community health minor may be used as electives for the criminology major or minor.