Senior Andrea Bazzoli Presents Research Internationally

Psychology and sociology major Andrea Bazzoli and psychology professor Dr. Valerie Eastman have been collaborating with researchers in Italy and Belgium to validate a new psychological test measuring job insecurity. The research team recently presented a paper at the 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment in Lisbon, Portugal entitled “The Job Insecurity Appraisal Scale (JIAS-12): A mixed-methods approach to increase content validity.”

Job insecurity is defined as the fear of losing one’s job, which can be tied back to the fear of being fired or laid off or the fear of losing one’s insurance or other benefits. Bazzoli and his team are studying the link between how one reacts to job insecurity: is someone motivated by losing their job, treating it as a challenge, or does someone lose their passion and quit putting in hard work?

Bazzoli is originally from the University of Verona in Italy, the cause for the international link in this research. He began the research with Dr. Margherita Pasini, then transferred to Drury. Interested in continuing his project at Drury, he reached out to Dr. Vickie Luttrell, head of the behavioral sciences department. Luttrell suggested he work with Dr. Eastman due to her emphasis in industrial-organizational psychology, and the project began.

Bazzoli, who enjoys industrial-organizational and social psychology, felt that his research prepared him for his upcoming graduate school applications. He wishes to pursue a PhD in psychology and noted that earning a PhD requires quite a bit of research. Bazzoli felt that the deadline-driven experience of this research prepared him well for the grant and presentation deadlines that he would face in the future.

Outside of this research, Bazzoli has completed the Advanced Behavioral Research class, a year-long course where students work in teams to create a research project. This experience provided him with even more experience preparing for his future research.

There’s still work to be done though. Bazzoli and Eastman hope to extend their project in the Springfield area and get the opportunity to survey a larger business to examine job insecurity on a larger scale.

Offering advice to those who wish to pursue similar research, Bazzoli said, “Doing research can be demotivating, sometimes you don’t find results that match your expectations. You still need to keep a positive focus, trust yourself and trust your insights.”

Story by Payton Stringer, Student Digital Content Specialist