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Certificate in Scientific Analysis

Success in a global community hinges on scientific literacy, which is the capacity to identify questions, utilize scientific methodologies, and draw evidence-based conclusions in order to make informed decisions about issues and problems that arise in everyday life. The certificate is designed to help students better understand their role in the scientific enterprise, both as consumers of information in the public arena and as researchers who generate that knowledge. Completion of the certificate is noted on the academic transcript.

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in behavioral or social science fields are encouraged to complete the certificate in scientific analysis.

Certificate Program in Scientific Analysis

The certificate in scientific analysis requires a minimum of 27 credit hours.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses. Co-requisites must be taken during the same semester.

BSCI 109: Scientific Writing
BSCI 200: Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
BSCI 275: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
BSCI 275-L: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
BSCI 339: Ethical Dilemmas in the Behavioral Sciences
BSCI 359: Advanced Behavioral Research I
BSCI 361: Advanced Behavioral Research II
BSCI 435: Psychological Tests and Measurements
BSCI 435-L: Psychological Tests and Measurements Laboratory
BSCI 475: Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
BSCI 475-L: Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Laboratory

It is essential that students complete BSCI 109, BSCI 200, BSCI 275, and BSCI 275-L before taking BSCI 359.

Those students who fail or do not successfully complete BSCI 359 will be removed from the BSCI 359/361 sequence. Students will not be allowed to register for and/or audit BSCI 361 during the following spring semester. Failing students must re-attempt the 359/361 sequence the following fall semester.

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in BSCI 339, BSCI 435, BSCI 435-L, BSCI 475, and BSCI 475-L to complete the certificate program.