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Careers in Criminolgy

Criminology is a dynamic field of study that prepares students for a variety of jobs at all levels of government and in the private sector. A sample of employment opportunities is provided below. Most of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but there are others, such as diplomatic security, where a master’s degree is needed for entry level employment. In some cases, proficiency in a foreign language or basic accounting is necessary.

To learn more about these careers and others, students may find it useful to explore agency websites using Google, Yahoo, or another popular search engine. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains information about potential jobs at:

Summary information about current federal level employment opportunities is available through the USA Jobs website.  A listing of student employment with the federal government can be found at: For information about employment in Missouri, visit: and

State & Federal Positions:

Academic & Vocational Teacher
Community-Based Corrections Administrator
Correctional Counselor/Case Worker
Correctional Administrator
Correctional Program Administrator
Correctional Recreational Specialist
Institutional Researcher/Data Analyst
Parole Officer
Probation Officer

Local/State Positions:

Campus Police Officer/Administrator
Fish & Game Officer
Forest Ranger
Highway Patrol Officer/Investigator
Intelligence Analyst
Police Administrator
Police Officer
Police Training Instructor
School Safety Coordinator


Court Administrator
Court Data Analyst
Court Security
Investigator for U.S./State Attorney General
Investigator for U.S./State/County Prosecutors
Pretrial Diversion Administrator
Pretrial Services Officer

Federal Agencies/Positions:

Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
Border Patrol
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Diplomatic Security
Drug Enforcement Agency
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fish & Wildlife Agent
Immigration & Naturalization Service
Internal Revenue Service
Inspector General’s Office
Intelligence Analyst
Military Police
National Security Agency
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Park Police
Postal Service Inspector
Railroad Agent/Inspector
Secret Service
U.S. Customs Service
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Forestry Service

Juvenile Services:

Child Protection Service Worker/Administrator
Group Home Worker/Administrator
Juvenile Care Specialist
Juvenile Detention Officer/Administrator
Juvenile Diversion Specialist
Juvenile Services Coordinator/Administrator
Youth Services System Worker
U.S. Marshal’s Office
U.S. Treasury Department

Victim Services:

Crime Prevention Coordinator
Crisis Center Coordinator
Domestic Violence Counselor/Administrator
Witness Services Coordinator

Private Security:

Bank Fraud Investigator
Credit Investigator
Insurance Investigator
Loss Prevention Specialist
Private Investigator Research & Planning Specialist
Private Security Officer
Professional Sports Security
Security Manager/Administrator


Legislative Assistant
Research Analyst

Note that many private entities have proprietary or in-house security, with larger organizations such as Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart having extensive, hierarchical security divisions.