Behavioral Sciences

Recommendation Letters

  1. You will be required to provide at least two letters of recommendation when applying to graduate schools and potential places of employment . One letter should be written by your advisor, and if only two letters are needed, the other one should also be written by a professor who teaches in your discipline. Do not select faculty members who are not familiar with your work.

  2. Make requests of faculty members that you would like to provide letters of recommendation at least one month prior to the application deadline. They should be provided with a transcript, which you can print from your web-based records, and a resume. Some faculty members may ask for additional information.

  3. Also be sure to provide those writing letters of recommendation for you with recommendation forms and stamped envelopes with names and addresses of the institutions to which you are applying.

  4. Recommendation forms will contain sections that are to be completed by students, and when this information is typed it looks neater. This form will contain a box that students may check to waive their right to review letters of recommendation. Institutions and agencies receiving these letters tend to prefer waiver of this right. It is argued that they perceive recommendation letters to be more honest and candid when students waive their right to review these letters.

  5. Providing a list of the institutions to which you are applying, along with application deadlines, will be most helpful to those writing your letters of recommendation.