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Use the award nomination form to highlight excellence in key categories. The Drury Awards Committee will review nominations and any nominee selected for recognition will be honored through the Drury Awards program, which is announced on a regular basis. You may nominate any deserving candidate for an award, including yourself.

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Why does this individual or group deserve to win in the selected category? How have they made a difference in the selected category? How have they impacted Drury or the local community in a positive way?
Note: Your answers to the above questions will be revealed to the nominee if they are the winner. If you would like your name to remain anonymous please check the box below.
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* If your nominee wins, would you like to be invited to the President's Award's ceremony at the end of the spring semester? If your nominee wins the Spotlight Award, your nominee will have a chance to win the coveted President's Award of Excellence at this ceremony.
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